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Zack Thomas (aka ZTBeats) has been passionate about music from a young age. He first started dabbling in music by curating hip-hop mixtapes and recording DJ tags for his friends as a high school student. He quickly outgrew showcasing other people's music and decided it was time to try his hand at production.

At the age of 18 he began writing hip-hop verses and creating beats using pre-made stock audio loops in garageband. With time as he got more comfortable using the DAW, he quickly started to realize the program's limitations and Ableton Live seemed like the natural transition for him. Although frustrated at first with some of the complexities of the software, he pushed on determined to learn how to become a music producer. During this time, his attention began to shift from primarily hip-hop to electronic music, more specifically bass music. He attended a Bassnectar concert for the first time and immediately realized what his life work would become.

A few years had passed and the thirst for music production knowledge had only grown. This led him to attend the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) located in mid-town Manhattan as a full-time student. Here he learned the fundamentals of sound, audio engineering and the ins and outs of music production. Upon graduation from the program, he became the Head Audio Engineer of a mid-town Manhattan recording studio and ad-house. 

After a year of running the show at the studio, it was time to make an important decision; either commit to becoming the long-term engineer at the studio or leave and focus full-time on music production. The answer was clear.

Fast forward to current day, ZTBeats is an up-and-coming bass music producer ready to take the world by storm. He combines elements from various genres of music (both electronic and otherwise) to create a highly unique and diverse sound. You are now living in the era of ZTBeats.

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